CRM Base Customizing - Objectives
This course builds on the knowledge gained in the my SAP CRM  overview class. It is intended to provide course participants with a greater understanding of both basic data in CRM as well as selected basic CRM functionality and customizing of these objects. To this end, the key capability for CRM sales is used, which demonstrates special CRM functions such as activities and transactions within the CRM processes.
Content - CRM Basic data & Customizing settings for these objects
Business partner
Organizational model
Territory Management
Product master CRM Business Transactions
Overview of generic functions in business transactions
Activity Management
Transaction types
Process control and determination
IPartner determination customizing
Overview of Pricing in CRM
Actions (Output determination)
CRM Billing CRM Middleware
CRM Middleware Overview
Basic concepts of CRM middleware
Replication administration
Monitoring & error handling People Centric CRM
Basic elements and features of People-Centric CRM
Brief overview of Customizing for People Centric CRM
Lead Management
Project Preparation Phase
Business Blueprint Phase
Realization Phase
Date management
Status management
Incompletion log
Text Determination
CRM Sales
Sales Cycle
Opportunity management
Copy Controls
Quotation and Order Management
Contract Management
Special functions in Order management
Marketing Planning and Campaign - Objectives
Business partner
Describe the marketing management functionality within mySAP CRM
Use marketing functionality to run day-to-day marketing processes
Use customizing options of the marketing management functionality in mySAP CRM
Overview of generic functions in business transactions
Overview of marketing management in mySAP CRM
Marketing and campaign planning
Planning and managing marketing projects
Marketing Calendar
Channel Details
Creating personalized e-mail forms and structuring documents
BP determinated communication
B2B scenario
Business partner segmentation
Marketing Attributes
Segment builder
Creating profiles and target groups
Using master groups and samples
Campaign Automation
Product proposals
External List Management
Lead Management
CRM Interaction Center Win Client - Objectives
Understand the technical landscape of the Interaction Center
Use the Interaction Center as an agent
Customize the Components of the Interaction Center in CRM
Getting started, terminology
Architecture landscape
Agent functions and processes in the IC
Creation of the IC Profile
Configuring Components
Action Box configuration
Telesales, Tele Marketing, Tele service
IC Management functions such as Call Lists and scripting
Internet Sales
Foundation and architecture
Web Shop management
User Management
Product catalogue
E Selling scenarios
E Service Scenarios
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