Course Overview and Data Warehousing Overview: What is BW, OLTP v/s OLAP, Differences in reporting (Detailed transactional v/s Summarized history)
Data Warehousing Overview - Terminology: Info Objects, Characteristics, Key figures, Master Data - Attributes/Texts/Hierarchies, Data source, Info source, Data Transfer Process (DTP), Data Store objects (formerly: ODS), Info cubes, Master data in Data Store Objects.
Data Modeling: BW Extended Star Schema, BW Master Data, Info Objects, Attributes, Hierarchies, texts.
Master Data loading / via Flat files, to Info Object attributes texts, Data Store objects, Info cube.
Introduction to Data Warehousing Workbench: DWB Functions, creating an Info cube, creating data store objects (formerly: ODS Objects), info objects, info sets and multi providers. Define transformations (unified transfer & update rules) and unit conversion.
OLTP Extraction / External data extraction: Data extractors, Data source replication, R/3 Extraction process, Scheduling jobs in "Job Control" (Previously known as V3 control), Monitoring, Remote cubes.
Data Store Object Functions: Structure of DSO / PSA (Persistent Staging Area), Data staging in the DSO, Using DSO for reporting, DSO types - Standard, Direct Update and Write Optimized.
Business Content: Business content components.
Production support: Administration & Monitoring, Error Handling, BW statistics, Aggregates, Info cube maintenance.
Special topics: Authorizations, Multi providers (and Multi Cubes), Data Marts.
SAP R/3 Extraction Overview: Extraction process, Types of extractors, Enhancements to extractors (overview), Delta management for extractors.
LO Data Extraction (LO Cockpit): BW customizing cockpit (Transaction SBIW => LBWE), Initial Setup, data load procedure
Extraction from CO-PA: CO-PA Overview, Generating and replicating Data sources, Creating Info sources, Data transfer.
Data extraction from FI-SL: FI-SL Overview, Data structures.
Generic Data Extraction: Master data / Transaction data, Data sources, Extraction types (using Table views, Info set and Function Module).
Enhancing Business Content: Enhancing data sources for Transaction data.
Enhancing Business Content: Enhancing datasources for Transaction data /Master data / Texts, Enhancing data with the Function enhancements (EXIT_SAPLRSAP_.).
Delta Management: Delta management in generic extractors, Concepts, use of various methods - Time stamp, Calendar day, Numeric pointer.
DB Connect Architecture: DB Connect makes it possible to extract data from external RDBMS (supported by mySAP technology).
Reporting: Overview of BI 7 query designer, Report designer. Designing Queries Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Query Jump, and Variables.
Reporting: Report Agent (Executing Reports in the Background), Exceptions.
Web Reporting: WEB Application Designer, IViews, Web Templates.
SAP Financials - SEM Introduction to FI/CO & Overview of SEM
Overview of FI/CO
SEM integration with FI/CO
Overview of SEM Functionality
Overview of architecture and components of SEM
SEM/BW Integration
BW Basics
Business Content delivered SEM components
B W - BPS Integration
Business Planning and Simulation ( BPS)
BPS functionality using a business scenario
Data Models (Infocubes, Txn Cubes, Multi-Planning areas)
Planning Models, Methods, functions and Layouts
Planning Applications
Integration with other SEM, Performance and Simulation
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