ABAP Programming - The ABAP runtime system
Developing ABAP programs and other important Repository Objects using the appropriate ABAP Workbench tools:
Navigating within the ABAP Workbench- Using the several Online Help systems
Creating programs using the Object Navigator
Editing source code using the ABAP Editor
Testing programs using the Debugger
Introduction to the ABAP Dictionary - Basic syntax elements of ABAP Objects
Elementary and structured data objects
Assigning values
Conditional branching
Loops- Dialog Messages
Introduction to internal tables
Data base dialogs
Information about data base tables
Reading data base tables
Preview: Reading several data base tables
Modularization within a program User dialogs
Selection Screens
Dynpros (Screen Painter)
User Interface (Menu Painter)
Re-usable components - calls and related tools
Search strategies
Function Groups and Function Modules (Function Builder)
Central classes and methods(Class Builder)
BAPIs(BAPI Explorer)
Project-oriented development using the Workbench Organizer
Software adjustment possibilities
Batch data communications , Data Interfaces and Sap Scripts
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